I’m a lifelong dancer, who’s done things differently. To me, the reward of dancing is the individual and collective experience that is created by dancing. And it gets really good when we translate that moving experience to how we embody ourselves: how we experience who and what we are, and how to be with ourselves, each other, and the present moment through our living body experience (or what I call the dance). There is so much potential, wonder, and wisdom to dwell in at any and every moment, whoever we are!


I blend Somatic Explorations with Dance, Improvisation, Gyrotonic®, Bodywork, MELT Method, Qi-Gong, and Yoga to cultivate the individual’s curiosity and wonder about themselves and give them tools for self-discovery, expression, and coherent and gratifying function.

My lifelong inquiry has been into living an embodied existence. I do not believe we are living outside of our bodies, but I do question if we are really in touch with our interconnectedness, our potential, and the bountiful and giving life-energy that flows through us, that is our essential and inherent form of existence both individually and as a peoples. My goal is to re-generate culture, language, forms of play, art, expression, education, exercise, and interaction that are devoted to dwelling in the experience of our interconnectedness, our potential, and the bountiful and giving life-energy that flows through us.


SELF-NOURISHING APPROACH: You are not a machine, so why would you workout like one? The typical approach to exercise is that we yearn to be better, and we believe that if we build a different body, everything will be better. We look to systems and ideas outside of ourselves to build a better body, but that gives us very little experience of our own selves and the information we contain. What if you do not have to impose an outside model onto yourself? What if the body you have right now has more than everything you need to feel the way you want to feel, express the way you want to express, connect the way you want to connect, and fill your life with wonder and beauty? What if exercise met you as you? What if exercise exists to nourish your experience of who you are?

EMBRACE THE AWKWARD: Whenever you are learning something new, you encounter the unknown. Movement and bodywork literally put your body into a new set of positions. It is normal to feel awkward when learning something new in your body. This is where the fun lies. It’s not about performance or “Doing It Right,” its about the possibility you open by doing something new and unknown, what is there to discover? What can you learn?  By engaging in new physical positions and movements, changes in perspective and outlook naturally occur on a regular basis. This is where your mind expands! When you EMBRACE THE AWKWARD, your movement practice becomes a fertile playground, teaching you more than you ever knew about humor, compassion, courage, patience, love, and mastery.

BODY AS PROCESS: "The paradigm needs to shift from body as object to body as process," Liz Koch discusses this essential shift of approach in her book Core Awareness, Enhancing Yoga, Pilates, Exercise, and Dance. Your body is a processor of all aspects of self, from the micro (cell) to the macro (universe). It is constantly in-process of dwelling and existing on this planet, expressing as you, in the present moment. Our bodies are perpetually processing in loops (think neural circuits), responding to information in our physical and energetic environment. With all this going on, our bodies have built into them tremendous ability to thrive with resilience, adapt, and prosper. Nourish Pulse is devoted to nurturing you as your process. 

PROFESSIONAL BIO: I'm a Somatic Educator and Movement Coach, Dancer, Choreographer, Singer and Performer! As a dancer, I am constantly re-orienting my perspective and have the skill. As an improviser, I have the to weave new insights into any situation. ability to meet people and situations where they are and spontaneously create something new communally. My goal is to renovate our culture, language, forms of play, art, expression, education, exercise, and interaction to include our feeling senses and the energy of embodied existence. I believe the source of a great deal of our suffering, disease, and violence stems from this disconnect and that so much could be resolved in ourselves, the world population, and the planet if we develop and value our feeling sense and embodiment. For over a decade I've been blending exercise, somatic exploration, artistic expression, community building, Nature-based and healthful practices. I have a diverse background in the many languages of movement.

I hold certifications in:  

  • Dance (B.F.A, The New York University, Tisch School of the Arts) 
  • Gyrotonic®, Gyrokinesis®
  • MELT Method
  • Thai Bodywork (from the Sunshine School in Chiang Mai)

and have studied:

  • Core Awareness with Liz Koch
  • Anatomy and Neuromuscular Function with Irene Dowd
  • Qi-Gong, Meditation, and The Universal Tao
  • Yoga, Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais, and Breathing Coordination. 


  • Cooking with my CSA Veggies is my favorite pastime.

  • I dance Contact Improv.

  • I whistle bird calls.