Do you ever feel like all you do is do, do, do? Today I am going to give you a vital key to transform exhaustion into energy while keeping up with the busy-ness of life.

What's the key? Change your frame; from doing to receiving. You'll shift from a state of exertion to a state of receptivity when you shift from the awareness of what you are doing, to the awareness of what you can receive.

Try this: Speed-walking

Take a speed walk, shift your awareness from the action of walking fast, to sensing the ground moving through you (the receptive state). While you continue your speed, can you feel the weight of your legs swinging to send you effortlessly forward? Can you sense the track of the ground rolling through your body? What do you notice when you shift from active to receptive awareness?

Try this: Sitting

While sitting, shift your attention from the action of sitting to sensing the chair beneath you. Can you receive the sense of the chair holding you? What do you notice when you shift from doing based awareness to receptivity?

Try This: Speaking

While speaking, can you notice the air moving through your throat and words, in effect doing some of the speaking for you?

We are conditioned to live in a doing mode, rather than in a receptive mode. When I coach my clients to become aware of what they can receive while moving, profound changes in musculature and energy flow occur.

  • Dense and restricted body tissue opens to fluidity.
  • Movement instantly becomes easier, lighter, and more gratifying.
  •   Tension in the face, chest, core, and pelvis dissolve.
  • They look younger!

Perpetual doing is over-extension. As organisms, we are designed to interact with the world through our whole body’s bio-intelligent, fluid tissue. Think how animals play and aquatic life moves as the water. Yet, when it comes to exercise and movement, we expect to do, do, do; it's achievement based rather than experience based. The achievement-based mindset contributes to the exhaustion and under-nourishment of our systems. We are so focused on what to do, we miss what's coming into nourish us. What if our awareness was equally portioned between what we do and what we can receive?

You have my full enthusiasm and encouragement to play with this question!

Now, I want to hear from you. Leave a comment: 

Where in your life would you like to do less? What do you notice when you switch into receptive awareness?