Body as Teacher. Mind as Student.

An invitation for your practice.
Body as Teacher.
Mind as Student.
What would it be like if the next time you went to exercise or meditate your body and your mind switched roles?
Generally, we are programmed to have our minds lead, with our bodies taking direction from the mind. But what if we play with the reverse? What if we invite space for our bodies to speak, and then allow the mind to witness and learn from the cells of the body?
This flip-flop is a riddle that one of my dance mentors uses, and it is also put into practice by healers of all kinds and innovators in the somatic field. The cells of your body don’t need the “thinking” mind to realize themselves, to breathe, to move, or to grow. 
Try this:

 for 5-10 minutes in a seated or lying meditation:
Practice listening to signals, sensation, and feelings from your body. Observe when the mind wants to take charge. What is going on in your cells? What kind of movement can you sense? What kind of temperature, texture, sensation can you sense? Can you feel your pulse, your breath, or some other type of music just below the surface?
Free write for 5 minutes. Free writing is where you pen just keeps moving without stopping, it doesn’t have to make sense or even be words, just keep your pen moving,

Any free writes or experiences in the comment section below. I love hearing about them!

Happy Sensing and Centering,