Change Your Ankles, Change Your Life.

The way you shift through your ankles enormously impacts the quality and depth of your movement: How well you draw your audience in. How tenderly you touch your beloved. And makes the difference between injury or seamlessly turning like Gene Kelly.


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Shape Out of Your Computer Shrug and Find Pleasure in your Physical Life

This one question has been consuming me for the past several months:
What is it that gets in the way of a pleasure-filled physical life?  

When I am teaching classes and working one on one with clients, I always notice people’s relationship to their physical lives and what shapes their physical experiences. Today I want to share with you how you can start to access the pleasure of your own vibrancy flowing through your tissues!

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Forward Motion

Spring is a season of transformation. Invitations for forward motion in our lives arise during this period. Sometimes we feel pulled or pushed by the changes and invitations around us. Other times we feel confused. And occasionally we want to leap into action!

No matter how you are feeling about Spring or what is moving in your life, these two movement explorations will coordinate your responsivity so that you open to the appropriate changes in your world.  

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