Change Your Ankles, Change Your Life.

Have you ever thought of yourself as an expression of your ankles? 

I’ll tell you what I mean, but first:

I want you to imagine something right now.

Imagine yourself stepping in front of a group of people, you are about to give a presentation on a topic that really matters to you. On stage, you feel the ground underneath your feet and stand in the moment before you speak. You take a breath and with your first word, your body shifts toward the audience.

Now imagine this: you are standing before your beloved. You lean your body in for a kiss.

You are approaching the edge of the curb at a brisk pace. As you step down, a car suddenly bolts through the intersection and nearly runs you over. How do you respond? Does your body jerk or are you able to smoothly redirect your momentum?

In big moments like these (and in the small moments too) the way you shift through your ankles enormously impacts the quality and depth of your movement:

How well you draw your audience in,

How tenderly you touch your beloved.

And makes the difference between injury or seamlessly turning like Gene Kelly.

In my practice, when clients are dealing with hip pain and back pain, nourishing their ankles gives them the ability to completely rebalance their whole body over their feet.

Undernourished tissue at your ankles holds you back from freedom of movement in your hips, pelvis, spine, and ultimately your life. Nourishing the tissue of your ankles fosters a deep exchange between you are the Earth…affording you balance, even in the moments you are tipping off center.


1. Watch the 3 minute video and nourish the tissue at your ankles.


3. Then write to me and report any changes you notice in your body. Listen for changes in sensation posture, movement, energy flow, and mood.

Do you have someone in your life with hip, back, or shoulder pain? Or someone who is tipping off center in their life? Change their life- Share the video with them via the social share buttons below!

Smiling from the tissue of my ankles,