Entering the Unknown

How do you touch the Unknown?
I mean, how do you really surpass the edge of what you know?
Today I want to highlight my most favorite and invisible element of moving- “entering the unknown!”
The illustration below lays out some elements of movement:

Intention: When we set out to move, we usually have an intention that motivates our movement. Our intention typically has a desired destination or outcome.
Attention: What we notice and where our attention collects determines our experience of moving.
History: Our relationship with movement spans our lifetime. We each possess a personal movement history that tells the story of how we interact with our environment. We also have a history of internal signals and sensations that we associate with our movement.
Effort: We have energetic relationships to our movement. For instance, the amount of energy we exert to move, and how much energy we harvest from moving. And to note, we generally have an expectation of how much effort any given movement requires.
The Unknown: The unknown is often excluded from our attention when we are moving, as we are typically hyper-focused on the desired outcome or intention of our movement.

Movement is an incredible opportunity to be present – or to be in the state of “becoming” or “forming.” When you move, you are no longer just form, you are forming, as you are moving about, and all the particles and cells and chemicals and water and breath and everything that makes you up is in a greater state of flux than before. This opens a window to what can come in- just beyond your familiar form, just beyond what you know.

The Unknown is the curveball that can change everything about you and the elements listed above: your intention, your attention, your history, and your effort. 
Movement is how I get in touch with what is just beyond my border of knowing. When I get moving, thoughts come together in new ways, I discover new routes, impulses, ideas, sensations, and touch the immensity of being alive.
So I invite you to look at all of these elements in your movement. As you go about your routine, your social interactions, your responsibilities, and your exercise. Where can you enter the unknown?

And write to me with any discoveries, stories, and questions. I love to hear them in the comment section!
Your's in the making,