Heart Songs

Would you like to join me in a silly experiment?

Repeat after me: "I give myself permission to be silly."

Okay good, if you did not get past that part, I’d say we have a problem!

Here’s a little back-story: My desire to use the healing power of sound & voice with clients has been growing!

You may have heard me humming singing bowl-like pitches. . .

or opening the space with elongated vowel sounds during a bodywork or movement session and thought: “What on Earth!?”

Watch out, more is coming. In the meantime, I would like to invite you into a heart-weaving song.

Yes, a heart-weaving song. What’s that?

My vision is to give voice, power, and transformative sonic space to the desires in our hearts.

Sometimes our desires are very faint. We forget them, little whispers, and instead become bewildered and estranged from the powerful voice in our heart, the desire of what we yearn to create in our lives, and the trust that we can take courageous and heart-lead steps.

Illusion subsumes what is actually true, and we start living like prisoners.

My soul-ution in times like these has been to draw, write, dance, sing, or be in nature. Basically to enter into the transformative space of movement that is all encompassing.

Last week I began a fun song project, letting the voice of my heart ring out as an offering to itself. The heart gets stronger when it hears its own sound and feels its own song.

Then I realized this song is a container, something that wants to be filled with other’s heart utterances and swell with a collective dream.

So I invite you to send your heart’s message into my humble composition. The audio below is the background, I will be mixing all of your replies into the song. You will receive our collective song in the next mailing.

“Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” – Carl Jung


So here’s how you can be a part of the music and let your heart ring out:


#1. Place your hand on your heart and listen in for your own heart beat. Take deep breaths and sink into the rhythm of your heartbeat. Let it carry you. Smile.

#2. Ask your heart for a message; see what it is carrying. (I believe in every moment our heart has a true message to ground us and bring us into our power to live fully with risk and grace.)

#3. Send what comes through for you to emily@nourishpulse.com. It could be a phrase, a name, an image, a sensation, a single word, etc. YOU CANNOT DO THIS PART WRONG!


*Submit by Tuesday October 27th to be a part of the magic.


And then STAY TUNED. I will weave together our collective heart song and send it back on November 3rd! I cannot promise that is will be melodic (remember my disclaimer in the message of this email?), but it will be potent



P.S If someone you know has been going through a difficult time, pass this message along, it is a great invitation to connect them to the bigger heart that holds us all and let them know you are thinking of them.