How Do You Rub Up Against The World?


Tears were rolling down my face and into a puddle on my yoga mat.

I was feeling ages of pain unwind from my lower back. And it had a message:

It revealed an underlying signal that had created the ages of pain. Like watching a movie, it showed me scenes from my life. I saw myself pushing my way through New York City’s turn-styles and crowded streets. My willpower and muscles hardening against the pavement, against a sense of rejection. I saw myself coiling inward in retreat from being different, from having "imperfect" body. I ran; I overworked; I braced.

Catching my breath between soggy whimpers, my awareness was breaking, I could both FEEL and see the "posture," the program my body was running in relationship to this metropolis. My trembling chest and river of tears allowed me to wash away that posture with a depth of understanding that breached the threshold from unconscious to conscious. I WAS TRANSFORMING!

I knew then that the time of this way of living, of beating up my body was done. I had more choice, because I now held the awareness in my consciousness. I had choice about how to inhabit my body in this city: about how to meet the pavement, how to explore the magnificence of my body, how to see, how to receive, and how to accept. These are not mental concepts alone, they take on life in movement, in the postures, spaces, flow and cells of my body.

Why am I sharing this story with you? It reveals one of my favorite things about movement practice and awareness: the ability to bridge the threshold from unconsciousness to consciousness. And in turn empower ourselves with choice and sensation about our “posture,” our body's program within ourselves, in our relationships, and within the greater world.

I WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU! I read every single comment and would love to be in conversation with you!

1. What postures or programs are you running? 

2. What choices do you have in your life and body? What choices do you yearn to have?

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