Make Summer Brighter with this Posture Tip:

Are you planning an adventure this summer? My summer adventures require that I do a lot of sitting, which has me interested in keeping summer sweet by refreshing my posture, with ease.
You can take this posture tip with you anywhere, no matter what your summer plans are!
A little background:
Good posture creates space and flow for the organs, spine, nerves, blood, and breath while building strong core muscles and communicating confidence with your presence. 
Most folks "Sit Up" by lifting the shoulders and ribs to hold their torso erect. This action opposes gravity's pull. Although it is effective, it can leave you feeling ungrounded and stiff.
Today’s tip on good posture teaches you to go with gravity's pull to generate a rebound in your body.
Reach down into the ground!
I know this may seem counter-intuitive, but give it a try!
Reach down through your legs and feet into the ground. And also reach your sit-bones (ischial-tuberosities) down into the chair or toward the ground.  As you reach, you will feel a natural opposition rising your body up.
Release and then try reaching down again. Repeat this a few times. Areas to focus on here are the abdomen and spine. The abdomen and spine will want to respond by softening into elongation. One of my teachers calls this "sit-stretching."
That’s it. Engage with gravity to rebound out of it!
Really simple, often overlooked tool for good posture.
I hope this practice does make your summer sweeter. And please write in with your discoveries and stories about what happens to your posture.

Softly long,
P.S. What you just learned is one of the key principles of Gyrotonic Exercise. When I teach, I witness people grow inches, strengthen their core muscles, and improve their posture and sense of self!  If you would like to try Gyrotonic Exercise, email me at