Paradise Spring


What I am about to say may shock you!

Your body is your own paradise.

This may sound odd at first, but think about it.

Every good feeling,

every dream,

every warm and soothing moment you have ever experienced has taken place within your body.

Your body is the process through which you touch the world, and are touched by the world. Your cells contain the ability to dream, to regenerate, and yield life, every moment that you breathe.

With the ground outside hardened and the air still cold, it is hard to imagine the paradise of Spring is just around the bend. In anticipation of the miracle of spring, I am inspired by how the unexpected fertilizes life; yielding things never once thought possible.


Being stunned by the beauty of a sun sparkling valley outside of the Rocky mountains. I never knew such a place existed.

In class, a group of men move and sway, allowing themselves to dance for the first time.

Feeling tenderness spread my heart open, more than I knew it could stretch.

These are the moments of life springing. Creation happens every moment at the level of our cells.

I designed the following moving meditation with the fertility of spring and the fertility of our cells, and our living processes in mind. For fun, I have paired a piece of artwork by Frankie Martin with the movements to inspire your living body experience with the potency of spring.

Paradise Birds  by Frankie Martin

Paradise Birds by Frankie Martin

Paradise Moving Meditation:

For this mediation you will need a journal, pencil or other fun writing utensil, and open space.


Find a comfortable spot on the floor. Blankets, rugs, and yoga mats can provide extra softness to help you rest. 


Resting on your belly, back, or your side, let your weight pool into the floor and let go of any holding against gravity. Bond with the Earth, and be completely held by the ground. 


Notice the sensation and sound of your breath moving through you.


Watch what passes across your mind. Watch what feelings live in your body. Watch what stories and sensations arise.


Rest and watch for 5-15 minutes. When you complete your meditation, slowly roll into a fetal curve for a pause before rising out of the ground. Take a moment to chart and record what you witnessed in your journal: stories, sounds, sensations. 


Then find a comfortable place, sitting, standing, or lying. From there, gently rock the weight of your body. Try rocking in a few different ways. Again, watch what passes across your mind. Watch what sensations move across your body. Watch what stories bloom.


Again, chart and record what you witnessed: stories, sounds, sensations.


I want to hear from you! Report your insights and experience in the comments section below! 


About the Art, Paradise Birds, by Frankie Martin:

Paradise Birds is from a series of watercolors based on the concept of promoting fertility. It is a meditation on fertility in terms of reproductive system and in general, as being or becoming person who is able to produce and create with abundance.

About Frankie:

Frankie Martin is an artist living in Philadelphia, and working in video and watercolor. Frankie received an MFA from University of California, San Diego in 2013, and a BFA from Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia. (In addition to her Fine Arts practice, Frankie makes music videos and works for The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp bringing the hopeful spirit of camp to children in hospitals, through art and games.)

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