I love my spine! When my spine feels good, it’s all good. New York’s ongoing winter has inspired me to create this edition’s step-by-step guide to un-freezing your spine and moving in the flow of spinal hydration!

It is the worst when you feel that ache in your back. It stinks when you feel like you are moving in chunks. And even worse when you feel the pressure in your head from lack of spinal hydration. These six steps will help you maintain a healthy and luscious spine throughout the woes of winter. Get ready to unfreeze and hydrate your spine and surrounding tissues.

What’s the big deal with your spine? You might already know that your spine is made up of 23 bony segments with 22 cartilaginous intervertebral discs that rest in between the bones. But here’s another very relevant fact. The earliest vertebral creatures were of the ocean. The sea squirt evolved 500,000 years ago. This suggests that “the origin of the spine emerged in the ocean and therefore our spine is an oceanic creature. Its movement is more like that of a fish than a steel rod; the very core of our being is not static, but dynamic, shaped by the mysterious element of fluid. Thus, we carry the song of the ocean within our very core.” Those are reflections from Liz Koch in her book: Core Awareness Enhancing Yoga, Pilates, Exercise, and Dance. 

Our spine comes from fluid, is fluid, and moves like a fluid creature. Yet we are on land. So what happens when the muscles and tissues surrounding the spine get dry, dense, hard or frozen? 

We choke the fluid song within us, our flow declines, we become less adaptable, autonomous, and resilient. Our range of motion shrinks and our range of expression declines, and we domesticate that beautifully fluid creature at the core of our being.

Below are your Six Steps to Spinal Hydration! It’s not going to happen unless it is scheduled. I’ve added my favorite times of day for each step to help you take action.


1. Walk On The Earth. Beat the Street and Get Your Tootsies to a Non-Concrete Surface!

There is a constant rebound that moves through our midline from the surfaces we interact with. Concrete has very little buoyancy and spring. Changing up the surface you walk on will enhance the rebound and responsivity of your spine and midline! 

Favorite Time: At lunch you can walk on a patch of land near your home or office. Or reroute your commute to include a walk in the park. 


2. Liz Koch's Spinal Hydration with the SloMo Ball.

Liz Koch created this beautiful video on how to hydrate your spine with a slo-mo ball. Liz is the creator of Core Awareness.

Favorite Time: Got to say I love this one first thing out of bed, I get to wake up my body. It’s also good on a midday break to re-energize creative flow to your work.


3. Connect With Your Inner Cat. Meow!

On hands and knees play like a cat and mobilize your spine. 

Favorite Time: Cat play is fun while getting dressed (or undressed). Put on some tunes and play like a cat to mobilize your spine. 


4. Hydrate Your Head!

Watch my video.

Favorite Time:  Hydrate your head any darn time you feel like making a funny face.


5. MELT Your Feet!

If you don’t know about MELT, its time to get on board. It is a super-easy and gratifying hydration technique that you can do in minutes with yourself. Take a MELT session with me to learn how to hydrate your entire body and check out Sue Hitzmanns’s book: The MELT Method.

Favorite Time: If you’re a multi-tasker, this is for you. MELT your feet while you brush your teeth.


6. Epsom Salt Bath.

Soak for at least 15 minutes. Add essential oils to make it even more luxurious. More on the benefits of Epsom Salt from Melissa Breyer’s article on

“Epsom salt is rich in both magnesium and sulfate which are easily absorbed through the skin. Sulfates play an important role in the formation of brain tissue, joint proteins and the proteins that line the walls of the digestive tract. They stimulate the pancreas to generate digestive enzymes and are thought to help detoxify the body of medicines and environmental contaminants. Researchers and physicians suggest many health benefits from proper magnesium and sulfate levels.” 

Favorite Time:  Epsom salt baths before bedtime enhance and induce restorative sleep.


Choose when you are going to do one of these six-steps daily. You can go for the same step everyday or mix and match. Report when you are going to do your spinal hydration step in the comments below. If we get above 10 comments, I am going to publish a hand-crafted map charting how we are hydrating our spines!

Hope to hear your action steps in the comments section.