The pelvis is the foundation for our structural support. It orchestrates and distributes the force through our two legs to our one spine and is the base of our spine and midline's connection with the ground. All too often pelvic integrity is compromised by larger than necessary ranges of motion, poor sitting habits, and lack of awareness.  When we fall out of touch with our pivotal axis of structural support, the body slowly begins to signal dysfunction. We can reclaim stability, coherence, and balance by growing awareness and kinesthetic sensation of a centered pelvis.

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Nourishing Event! Nourish Pulse Class at Brooklyn Studios for Dance

I am teaching Nourish Pulse Classes! Replenish your dancing body’s tissues with nutritive, bodywork-based movement exploration. Bring questions and desires about the function, form, and feel of your body and motion. Explorations will heighten proprioception, coherency, texture, sensation, and subtlety to the process of movement.

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Forward Motion

Spring is a season of transformation. Invitations for forward motion in our lives arise during this period. Sometimes we feel pulled or pushed by the changes and invitations around us. Other times we feel confused. And occasionally we want to leap into action!

No matter how you are feeling about Spring or what is moving in your life, these two movement explorations will coordinate your responsivity so that you open to the appropriate changes in your world.  

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