Shape Out of Your Computer Shrug and Find Pleasure in your Physical Life

This one question has been consuming me for the past several months:
What is it that gets in the way of a pleasure-filled physical life?  
When I am teaching classes and working one on one with clients, I always notice people’s relationship to their physical lives and what shapes their physical experiences. 

Today I want to share with you how you can start to access the pleasure of your own vibrancy flowing through your tissues at any moment! 

Let's start with what's getting in the way.

My drawing below illustrates the largest obstacles to a pleasure-filled physical life.

What’s Your Pleasure:

How do you define and relate to the idea of pleasure?

Does pleasure mean debilitating yourself, tuning out, distracting, and turning off?

Or do you find pleasure in rehabilitating yourself, listening, tuning in, trusting, and resting in awareness?

I love what Caroline Myss, PH.D.  says about  physical pleasure:

“Remember that your physical life and your spiritual path are one and the same. Taking pleasure in your physical life is as much a spiritual goal as achieving a healthy physical body. Both are the consequences of following Divine guidance of how to live and acting out of faith and trust.”  (from Anatomy of the Spirit)

Centuries of religious thought separated divinity from the body. We may find ourselves isolated from pleasure in our physical lives by choices, beliefs, and behaviors that were fashioned lifetimes before us.  We grant ourselves permission to do what it takes to achieve a healthy physical body, but how often do we prioritize taking pleasure in our physical lives?

Nourishing our physical lives is part of our path. Our path to pleasure and our path to spirit.

The next obstacle is physical captivity, or a physical starvation. It is the result of living in a world where movement is no longer needed to survive. We can take care of all our survival needs with the stroke of one finger: ordering food online, finding shelter online, and finding a mate online. Machines travel us distances while we rely much less on our own feet and ambulation.  Today’s techno age has yielded far less variety in the postures and movements required to stay alive. And from a bio-mechanical perspective, this means starvation. Katy Bowman M.S. in her excellent book, Move Your DNA: Restore Your Health Through Natural Movement, puts out a serious call to movement. She doesn’t call us to exercise more, she calls us to "move more, and to move better."

Movement nourishes us on a cellular level. Our bodies are shaped by mechanical input. Cells respond to our mechanical input through a process called mechano-transduction. 

Our bodies need a variety of movement to thrive, just like our bodies need a variety of nutrition from food to thrive.


Watch this 5min video to shape yourself out of Computer Shrug with varietal movement!

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1) Are your shoulders, head, and neck happier and lighter after the video?

2) Where did you follow along? (in your office? on the train? in your backyard?)

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