The Power of Perception

Your perception sets the frame for what you can and will experience.  

That's a powerful sentence. Let's see it again:

Your perception sets the frame for what you can and will experience. 

The way you think emerges from your perception. The way you move emerges from your perception. What do I mean by perception? The way you sense: where your sensation is and what your sensation messages to you. The way you feel and where that feeling takes place (at you skin, inside your body, outside you body, or TBD). 

It also works in reverse; your thinking and moving can limit your ability to perceive. Which in turn, limits what you can and will experience.

A lot of us think in absolutes: I am short, or I am tall. I am inflexible, I am flexible. I am strong, I am weak. Absolutes like these simplify our reality and reduce our perceptual abilities. Our thinking dictates our experience; in any given moment we are an absolute: tall or short, blocked or open, strong or weak. So why would we be open to the possibility of experiencing anything beyond that absolute? We have blocked and restricted the sensation of height, flexibility, strength, weakness, etc and, ultimately many of the delicious nuances and possibilities within us.

It's also common to feel our barriers. We will say: My shoulder IS tight, or the right side of my body IS tight. But, what about saying how it feels? My shoulder feels sticky. My hip feels gritty. Then we actually open-up to receive all incoming information. It's no longer an absolute, it's a feeling. And just like any feeling, it can progress and change, opening more possibility and richness to your experience. 

If we can suspend these ABSOLUTES and drop into our sensation, suddenly our world expands. We gain more information and possibility within each moment. Our experience blossoms with magnificent dimensionality and we grow nearer to our true nature, and the possibility of constant flow and change.

Meditation is an amazing tool to tap into how perceptions limit or enhancing your reality. I am giving you an extra special meditation practice I created to connect to the pulse of my being and gain power through perception. I've used this mediation to dissolve pain, enhance presence, and take embodied action.

Try it out now and let me know what you uncover in the comment section below!

If someone in your life struggles with perception, potency, or pain, please send them this meditation. It might spark just what they need to move powerfully ahead.