Walk With Me. Central Park. 11.23.2015

Walk with Me Nourish Pulse.jpg
Walk with Me Nourish Pulse.jpg

Walk With Me. Central Park. 11.23.2015


Monday, November 23rd 11:30am.
Meeting at 72nd and CPW.

Walk focus:
Eyes, Hips, Ankles, and Psoas

- 7 Free Spots -

I invite you to walk with me. In this 45-minute walk you will learn how to nourish and strengthen your whole body while simply walking.

Emily includes Yoga Asanas, Qi-Gong, and playful activites that move you into your next level of strength and physical prowess in her “Healing Hikes.” As you walk, she guides you in moving mediation. You will open your sensual perceptions in the outdoors to expand your sense of space, time, and rebalance your nervous system. Leaving you calm, strong, and renewed.

Here are just a few ways the outdoors can rejuvenate you:

Natural light and color nourishes the eyes and Central Nervous System. 

Walking on soil nourishes your feet, stimulates your energy system and makes soft tissue around the joints springy.  

Open space helps the energy system and skin expand, soften, and recharge.  

Touching, seeing, hearing, and smelling the creativity of nature inspires our deepest resources to come forth in our lives.

The outdoors offer sanctuary for nourishment, healing, and revitalization.

*In the case of rain or inclement weather, this event will be rescheduled and participants will be notified via email.*

See you there!