After the hour, I felt COMPLETELY TRANSFORMED! I walked in with my mind spinning and disconnected from my body. I walked out calm, grounded, and IN my body!
— L.E., Psychotherapist
Emily is an insanely gifted Thai bodyworker. I strongly recommend booking an appointment with her. After my pregnancy and birthing my son, I had no clue what happened with my body and her home sessions were beyond restorative. Then after going back to work and being at a desk my body was hit by a bus. Again and again she rescued my weary bones. Though I have struggled to find a place in my schedule for regular exercise since being a mom, I have already set up a monthly package with her so that I could be sure to have such beneficial bodywork in my life on a routine basis. She is the real deal. Treating myself to rejuvenating bodywork keeps me playing hard!
— Joanna Seltzer, RN
Ten years ago I was struggling with back pain, and making frequent visits to the chiropractor. He recommended I try Gyrotonic Exercise. Since working with Emily, my back issues have resolved. I have trained with a few different trainers through the years. I find Emily to be far superior. She knows the body and how it moves, she uses hands on to direct you, she specializes the sessions as to how your body feels that day, and does more than the normal Gyrotonic exercise routine. I’m so happy with her that I look forward to our session every time. She is always happy, understanding, and has been there to help me whenever any body-part flairs up. She is the sweetest person. I have seen so much progress in my movement and function. It is amazing how much better I feel all over after every session with Emily.
— Niki Livas
I love working with Emily. Her insight into how my body is working, and what it needs is constantly astonishing. She seems to always know how, what, and where I need to move to release tightness, tension, and restore freedom of movement and balance. And she doesn’t just know what I need to do, she has a great talent for communicating how to do it, and a sincere, positive way of encouraging me to go further than I thought I could. I’m no longer a young man, but every session with Emily feels like a rejuvenation. I always walk out of a session with Emily feeling I am moving taller, freer, looser and happier than when I went in.
— Jeremy Pikser, Screenwriter
I have had a lot of experience with body work specialists (Pilates, GYROTONIC® Exercise, massage, Bartenieff Fundamentals) and Emily is so professional, gifted and sensitive, I forget how relatively young she is. I often recommend her enthusiastically to my friends.
— Martha Davis, Ph.D.
“Emily is the “cream de la crème” of NYC professionals in the field. She is truly devoted to her teaching path, and her lessons are gifts. Rather than acting as a teacher who has all the answers, she holds a space for each one to explore their own potential and go deep into their healing process. Very profound, practical, and most of all, joyful!”
— Katie Clancy, Pilates and Yoga Teacher and Professional Dancer
I feel so lucky to be able to work with Emily; she brings all of herself to every session. She is thoughtful and skillful about introducing ideas and experiences, so that I can make my movement my own and tap into my own bodily wisdom. She is always adding to her own knowledge, through new trainings, reading, thinking, and moving, and then integrating all of that wisdom into her teaching.
I always look forward to sessions with Emily because it is an opportunity for me to tune into my body with more awareness. Emily teaches me how my body works. She teaches me how to re-pattern habitual movements into better patterns and then how to release into freer movement. Emily uses clear prompts while she explains and connects the movement with words, to connect my mind & body. Lately, she is encouraging me to find & feel when I’m in better alignment. She guides me to relax and hear the sensations in my body, so that I can carry it with me out into my daily life, not just our studio time together. I am so lucky to know her and to practice what she so joyfully shares about the body & spirit.
— Cat