MELT Your Feet

The MELT Foot Treatment is the quick way to zap foot and back pain. By treating the fascia on the bottom of your feet, you ground your entire self. Build a bodily foundation that rewards you rather than robs you. 

With MELT in your back pocket you can take as many long walks and you want without pain, spend hours on your feet, and even quickly recover from a day in not the best shoes.☺

MELT helps to build better sleeping habits, by balancing the nervous system.

Learning to MELT your feet takes only 30 minutes. Come make your feet happy with me!

Get Bare and Bond

Get Bare:

Feet lose their dexterity and movement because we keep them inside shoes. Find time when you can go shoeless. Maybe it is around the house or when you are in your garden. If you are not accustomed to spending time without shoes, start small and work your way up. For example, start with 5 minutes per day for a week, then do 10 minutes, then 15, etc.

Bond: with a Natural Surface

The feet have 26 bones; 33 joints; and more than 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments! All these structures allow for an inconceivable number of movement possibilities in the foot. Human feet evolved from walking on Earth. The Earth has curves, stones, slants, and textures that concrete, wood, and other surfaces simply don’t have. And with the body when you don’t use it, you lose it. So regain your foot’s personality! Get outside and stand barefoot on the Earth, take a walk around your yard or park. Even when you’re wearing shoes, walk on the grass instead of the concrete sidewalk whenever possible. Even when you go outside to get your mail, even when you walk the dog. It will make a BIG IMPACT on your magnificent feet!

Stretch Your Lower Legs


Walking on concrete. . . sitting. . . toes contained in shoes = your lower legs needing more care. A stretch easily fits into your day while you wait for the bus, make your coffee, brush your teeth, or talk on the phone.

You will need a rolled up towel, yoga mat, or stair.

Steps for lower leg stretch:

1. Place the ball of your foot on the rolled towel with your heel hanging off.

2. Breathe for a few moments to let your tissue adapt to the stretch.

3. Then with your non-towel based foot, step forward, so that your towel based foot is now your back leg. Breathe and let the tissue adapt.

4. Align your spine so that you are looking ahead instead of down and your head, shoulders, and pelvis align in gravity.

Juice Up Your Ankle Joints

Change Your Ankles, Change Your Life! Read more here. 

Hope that Helps your Nourish yourself and Pulse with your Being!