when you open to feeling, the whole universe speaks.

feel your body alive, like never before.



Do you want to... 

  • learn how to nourish your process,

  • reset and shake vexing sensations or thoughts

  •  receive the energy and messages you’re looking for when your body breaks down?

Reset settles you into yourself, opens your sensation to the voice and feeling of your inner wisdom to resolve and recapitulate your energy system, your mind, your body, and your being. Learn how to resonate with your essential energy no matter what is happening around you. Learn to be extraordinarily comfortable and playful in your body as a process.

Reset combines the best elements of somatic explorations, yoga, bodywork, sound vibration, and dance to engender easeful, embodied presence. Artisanal sessions are crafted by Emily Moore.



I create a personalized synergy of training modalities and physical forms based on the individual. The diversity in training and bodily experience accelerates physical transformation and expands your bodily wisdom and understanding.

Are you ready to:

  • prevent and recover from injury? 

  • move with ease and confidence?

  • decompress and unwind the stresses of living?

  • grow and evolve while nourishing yourself deeply?

So much sensation, fun, and fulfillment awaits you!


Personalized Immersion Training

Every year I open 4 spots for immersion training. In immersion, you study and practice multiple hours a day, multiple days a week, over the course of 1-3 weeks. This level of engagement boosts your practice, burgeons growth and transformations across multiple aspects of self and ways of living, and enhances understanding of complex anatomy, structure, and motion. Many Immersion Trainees observe changes in emotion, mood, mental attention, self-knowledge, and the shape and feel of their body.

Immersion invites a deeper exploration. And engages underlying questions and principles that govern your practice and essentially govern how you behave in your body.

Summer Season: Enrollment opens June 1st.

Keep it moving in the Winter Season. Enrollment opens January 1st.




Are you ready to:

  • have healthy hips? 

  • a pain free back?

  • avoid surgery?

  • sense your own interplay with gravity?